Handcrafted Quality

Wire Wrap

Begin with a wire, follow a line, create a shape. Fill in the open spaces with textile like weaving -- add another texture and color with beads.  Sleek and smooth to curvy nouveau; geometric to organic. Wire is a MacGyver like foundation to build any sort of jewelry creation.

BMacLellan Jewelry

Collections and creations.  Growing up as a suburban only child and only grandchild of an old Midwestern farm family, my earliest memories are of collecting forlorn pieces and creating something new and useful. Saving antique furniture from rural auctions and giving them new life; taking scraps of old clothing and feed sacks and making quilts or accessories. It wasn't art -- it was expression. I still collect -- rocks, odd bits & pieces and broken jewelry -- now the pieces weave themselves into interesting shapes and ideas to adorn ourselves and express our desires and feelings without having to speak the words. Jewelry springs from my work table, telling me what it should be -- hopefully it will speak to you also.

Mixed Media

Bits and pieces collected over many years are the basis and inspiration for this collection.  From shot gun shells set with sparkly Swarovski and vintage crystals, buttons and do-dahs to ephemera protected by resin and adorned with antique stampings and dangly embellishments -- make your statement.


Cue up images of knights in shining armor attacking the dragon....in today's society, chainmaille is a technique to make beautiful jewelry. Beginning with wire, wound into rings, cut and polished, woven into shimmering ropes and intricate designs. Contemporary designs made from ancient inspirations.